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Show Cakes

Beverly Baker, WA Trustee, talks cake.


After hearing everyone at the table say “no, thank you” to the wedding cake, I had to ask why. One guest belted out, “If I’m going to waste any calories tonight, it won’t be on a store bought cake.” Everyone at the table agreed.

Personally, I seldom eat wedding cakes because of my gluten intolerance. However, if a Jamaican rum cake or a flourless chocolate cake is available, I make the exception.

So the question is: why would couples spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cake no one really wants. There are several reasons.

  1. Symbolism – Research tells us that the practice of using cakes in every wedding started from the Roman Empire with varied symbolism. The most obvious symbolism that still exists today is the cake’s white color to symbolize virginity and purity. Some people also believe that couples eating the cake and sharing with guests will bring good luck to the couple as well as to the guests.
  2. Centerpiece – The traditional wedding cake invariably has becomes a focal point in any modern day wedding celebration. It is the centerpiece of the reception and no lavish or modest wedding celebration is complete without a well decorated cake. The cake serves as a photo prop and in many cases, it is decorated to complement the wedding dresses or to reflect the theme of the wedding.
  3. Statement  It takes more than just a stunning wedding gown to wow the crowds these days. Fashion conscious brides are expected to coordinate not just their dresses but every aspect of the wedding, too. The wedding cake is much more than just dessert; it is an artistic statement and the focus of much attention. Many couples now want their cakes to reflect their personalities and in some cases to reflect their sophistication.

According to the Bridal Association of America, 2010, there were over two million (2,000,000) reported weddings in America and the typical basic wedding cake cost was about $550. Those prices have almost doubled in the last three years, and with the economy downturn, more and more couples are seeking creative ways to have the wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune. For many years, the only alternative to the beautifully decorated cake was to have a small plainly decorated cake. Budget conscious couples are desperately seeking alternatives.


The answer is: Show Cakes. Show cakes are elegant wedding cakes that are made from Styrofoam and decorated with perma icing or fondant frosting. They may also be decorated with silk, real or fondant flowers. Show Cakes are sturdy and they won’t melt in the sun. The Styrofoam pieces can be broken down to allow for care-free local or international shipping.

The desire for foam cakes have increased in the past six years as couples are realizing the increasing cost of real cakes, and the dissatisfaction of their guest with store bought cakes. The Japanese have been using fake cakes for many years with much success and the trend has now caught on in America.

Show cakes allow couples to serve a personally-made cake to their guest. Homemade cakes can be cut before hand to provide faster service after the cake cutting ceremony, and, they are typically tastier than the store bought cake. By choosing a Show Cake, couples can avoid the cake cutting fees that many reception sites charge which can range anywhere from $1.50 to $4.00 per slice, depending on the venue.

Show cakes will also avoid the occasionally ‘half baked cake’ and couples can also view or receive the cake in advance of the big-day, so there are no surprises. The wedding planner will have time to move the cake around or add additional flowers or decorations as desired. And lastly, they won’t melt or sag in the sun.

Prop Wedding Cake Round

Show cakes do not affect the tradition of cake cutting. A small section in the back of the cake is cut out to allow portions of a real cake to be inserted for cutting. The couple can smoothly transition into feeding each other a slice of their favorite cake or Twinkie without anyone noticing a thing.

I think this is one of the best food ideas since sliced bread.

Posted by Beverly Baker.