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Serengeti Notes


Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq., WA Trustee pays tribute.


I was born in the country where we walked barefoot and always said “hello” to strangers and friends alike. I had two parents who loved me and my brothers and sisters the best they could. They gave us ethics and values and we attended church every Sunday – by Fiat. I went to college by myself on a bus with a handkerchief and a dime to call home. At college I became a revolutionary. I lived and loved protested and marched across the continents. I dined with peasants/workers/ freedom fighters/ political prisoners/ intellectuals/ generals/presidents. I knew the pain and joy of motherhood. I discovered the futility of ego and pride. And one day as I crossed the Serengeti, I found the

sun. light. Love.

Now I live, love and write from Serengeti–my spiritual home.

So, during this black history month, from my perch, I remember a dear friend.

An awesome spirit.

An exemplar for the Universe.


Clement Price…..

A great tear has occurred in the universe (did you hear the rumbling?)

The one that brought him here has come to reclaim him

the spirit called Clement Price

He had come through a crack in the universe


I met him in Serengeti many seasons ago

(did you know him?)

He showed us what it looked like

to serve

To humble oneself that others might be enlarged

To die to oneself…literally 

The spirit man clement price







Lover of


Brahms and

Bourbon; and NJPAC

Lover of his students, and

People of all faces places nations and speech

(Did you know him?)

“Hey babe”

“Oh dear”

“good people”

“This old and beloved city by the Passaic”

“What can I do?”

“Count me in”

“I’ll be there”

Those were Clem-isms…

I once teased him that he was the only person who could turn the question “where is the meeting” into a scholarly statement on discovery

(Did you know him?)

His Smile?

His Twinkly eyes?

Puffy cheeks etched permanently in his face

He was seriously engaged in this life

Everyday he said “yes” to the groans of a world in want

For justice

         For mercy

         For love

He bequeathed us

The gift of history

The gift of speech and narrative so spellbinding and seductive you hung on every word

The gift of accountability as a historian

The gift of peace-making

The gift of loyalty

The gift of truth telling

The gift of friendship

The gift of acceptance

The gift of giving

(did you know him?)

He’s in Serengeti

With the Creator (who has a master plan)

A balm in Gilead serenaded his walk to the throne

the chorus of his fellow angels

proclaimed a “job well done”

a thunderous applause given

for Clement the spirit man

Our exemplar

from the universe.

back home.


Posted by Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq.