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FLOTUS is First Guest-Editor MORE Magazine

Gina Partite, WA Summer 2015 Intern reads for inspiration.

MORE Magazine welcomed First Lady Michele Obama as their very FIRST guest-editor, or more appropriately, Inspirer-in-Chief, as More Editor-in-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour coined.


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To put frankly, The First Lady pretty much killed it as she spoke out about her current projects that she is spear-heading both nationally and internationally. Not only did she go in-depth about her inspiring core initiatives, but she gave a glimpse of why she is so passionate about her newest campaign Let Girls Learn. As if addressing childhood obesity, inspiring young people to pursue higher education, and supporting and honoring our troops and their families weren’t enough–Mrs. Michele Obama is now taking on a new global campaign starting in 11 countries that will allow girls to go to school, and stay there.

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The First Lady opened up in an interview with Seymour. She stated “I am always…one of these kids sitting here, with dreams and not a whole lot of resources but really a belief in my own capability…And I have always felt like I had an obligation to reach back and help others. It’s hard to sit in this place and forget where you came from.”

Mrs. Obama’s inspiration and hope is truly contagious. She somehow manages to be a mother, a wife, America’s First Lady, and the push that the world is looking for to follow dreams and finish strong. This is exactly why More chose her as their first guest-editor. They hoped she would motivate their accomplished readers to have more impact on the world. They definitely made the right choice! I absolutely LOVED hearing from Mrs. Obama and her inside-look on, well, America and all its treasures. The issue made it all the way around my office and was read cover-to-cover!

first lady blog2Posted by Gina Partite, WA Summer 2015 Intern