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FLOTUS is First Guest-Editor MORE Magazine

Gina Partite, WA Summer 2015 Intern reads for inspiration. MORE Magazine welcomed First Lady Michele Obama as their very FIRST guest-editor, or more appropriately, Inspirer-in-Chief, as More Editor-in-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour coined.   To put frankly, The First Lady pretty much killed it as she spoke out about …

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Serengeti Notes


  Marcia Wilson Brown, Esq., WA Trustee pays tribute. I was born in the country where we walked barefoot and always said “hello” to strangers and friends alike. I had two parents who loved me and my brothers and sisters the best they could. They gave …

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Show Cakes


Beverly Baker, WA Trustee, talks cake. After hearing everyone at the table say “no, thank you” to the wedding cake, I had to ask why. One guest belted out, “If I’m going to waste any calories tonight, it won’t be on a store bought cake.” …

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The Real Cost of Cell Phones


Beverly Baker, WA Trustee enlightens us. For most of us, the words “child labor” understandably sends shivers through our spine. It conjures up visions of back-alleyed factories, people with small children who should be on a playground, but are pressed to work in squalid, sweltering, …

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Create Perfect Moments

Woman Silhouette Jumping

WA Trustee Bunny Johnson shares the “perfect” tip. During this hectic time of year, I want to share with you an article I read recently that made me stop and think about all of the moments that will be coming during this Holiday Season that …

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A Little Gem in Boston


Audrey Bartner, WA Trustee, shares a little gem.   The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a little gem in Boston. It was built to evoke a 15th century Venetian palace and to be a place to show her ever increasing and valuable art collection.   …

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Rock Your Best!


Mikki Taylor, Editor-at-Large, ESSENCE Magazine and WA Trustee takes times to reflect on what matters now. Dr. Mae Jemison­, the first African American female astronaut once said, “Life is what your Creator gave you for free. Style is what you do with it.” To me, …

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Sorry. There is no road map.


Tenagne Girma-Jeffries is Founder/CEO of The Cultivation Group and lives with her husband and children in Newark, NJ. She also serves as Vice President of Promotion for the Women’s Association. Lately I have been wondering if there is a way for women to have it …