WA Members Talk

Rock Your Best!


Mikki Taylor, Editor-at-Large, ESSENCE Magazine and WA Trustee takes times to reflect on what matters now. Dr. Mae Jemison­, the first African American female astronaut once said, “Life is what your Creator gave you for free. Style is what you do with it.” To me, …

WA Members Talk

Sorry. There is no road map.


Tenagne Girma-Jeffries is Founder/CEO of The Cultivation Group and lives with her husband and children in Newark, NJ. She also serves as Vice President of Promotion for the Women’s Association. Lately I have been wondering if there is a way for women to have it …

Events World

It’s A Tough Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do It!


It’s that time of the year…Gala Tasting! We all have to do tasks at work that are laborious and no fun. Well this sure isn’t one!! Prior to the Gala in early fall, we discuss with the catering team at Theater Square Events the theme …

We Love

We Love Pinterest!


If there’s one thing the WA staff looooves, it’s Pinterest. We use it both professionally and personally. We use it to connect with our members, to connect with the great big world out there, for stress relief, and just for good, clean FUN. (HINT: skip …

Arts & Culture

Nothin’ Like A Dame


Some of us at the WA are…how should I put it?? Ummm…Broadway GEEKS! That’s why our upcoming Gala on September 27th is SO exciting! It will star four of Broadway’s best of the best females! Tony Award winner Laura Benanti (www.laurabenanti.com) will be here and …